Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Second Helping of "Mediterraneo"

I just got back from celebrating my dad's birthday at Mediterraneo. Last time, I said that it was worth another try... well, I sure am glad that I went back! We had an awesome time tonight. The food was superb, service was exceptional, and we even got to meet the owner (Fabrizio poured us some Grappa and sat down at our table to chat)!! This place is now my favorite place to eat Italian food!

The Northern Italian Seafood Risotto was made with a saffron broth and included muscles, fish, shrimp and clams. The flavor of the saffron really brought out the flavor of the seafood.

My dad's Ciopinno was exceptional! It was a light, yet flavorful fish and tomato broth, packed with clams, muscles, fish, and shrimp. I couldn't stop sticking my spoon into his dish to get a taste of the soup! The best part was towards the bottom of the bowl where all the small bits of fish and clam were left.

The Puttanesca was also perfectly executed. This classic Italian dish is made with garlic, anchovies, tomatoes and olives. Its amazing how such simple ingredients paired with freshly made pasta can create such a wonderful dish!

Dessert was a thousand times better this time around. My favorite was the chocolate pyramid. It appears to be dense and rich, but its actually a lot lighter than it looks. The bottom of the pyramid had a ever-so-light crunch to it...perhaps some finely ground toffee? If you've had the chocolate pyramid at JJ's French Bistro, this one is a lot better!!

The tiramisu was light and fluffy, and not too sweet.

From the first time that I visited Mediterraneo, I knew that there was something special about it. Although I wasn't thoroughly impressed the first time around, this time made up for it ten-fold!

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OkiHwn said...

Ooooh boy! The cioppino and putanesca look so ONO!