Monday, January 19, 2009

d.k. Steak House

When our company Christmas party got cancelled, my co-workers decided to have a party of our own at d.k's Steak House. I thought about how a "pescatarian" (vegetarian who eats seafood) would be able to write about a steakhouse. Should I encourage people to eat meat??? I decided that despite my choices for not eating meat, I still have a great appreciation for fine food, and I wanted to offer my readers a variety of restaurants, so here it is... Besides, if you're going to eat meat, at least do it right!

Hawaii was first introduced to chef D.K. Kodama back in 1995 when he opened Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar, serving fusion seafood and innovative contemporary sushi. Since then, he's paired up with different experts in his field, adding to Hawaii's repertoire of fine restaurants. Vino Italian Tapas and Wine Bar is a result of the partnership between Kodama and Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya. Hiroshi Eurasian Tapas is a collaboration between Kodama, Chef Hiroshi Fukui and Chuck Furuya. Lastly, Kodama's vision of "cutting into a juicy dry aged steak and taking in the view of one of the world's most famous beaches" came to reality when he created d.k Steakhouse.

d.k.'s is the only restaurant in Hawaii that offers in-house dry aged steaks. Dry aging beef involves hanging beef in a controlled temperature for an extended period of time. Moisture from the beef is slowly lost, and enzymes break down the tissue, resulting in improved tenderness of the beef. The result is a concentrated sweet and nutty flavor with superb texture. The signature bone-in rib eye is aged for 30 days. Throw in some classic steak house side dishes and a wine list carefully selected by Chuck Furuya, and you have one awesome steak house!

Wine lovers can order wine by the glass or the bottle. The wine list offers wines from a variety of locations in a wide price range. Choose to go affordable, or splurge! Either way, you're more than likely to find something you like. I had a glass of Gamay Noir ($7.95 glass), and had a taste of French Chablis ($48 bottle), and Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon ($125 bottle).

The menu offers a variety of appetizers, including steakhouse crab cakes, monster shrimp cocktail, classic escargot, and blue crab dip. Entrees include the dry aged steaks, surf and turf combinations, and a small variety of seafood choices (thank goodness for me!). The "steak connoisseur" would appreciate the 22 oz. Dry-Aged Bone-In Rib Eye, which is considered to be the "premier steak;" super juicy and served with house made jus. Side orders include Asparagus Milanese (farm fresh egg, truffle oil, and herbs), truffled potato croquettes, steamed vegetables, garlic mushrooms, and much more.

I ordered the Fresh Catch of the Day ($24.95) prepared chinese style, which was Mahi Mahi topped off with shiitake mushrooms, onions, carrots, topped off with a soy-ginger sauce and finished with hot peanut oil. It was good, but everyone else around me appeared to be enjoying their steaks a whole lot more!

I took a (tiny) bite of the Kobe Style filet Mignon ($79.95), which is a hybrid of Japanese Wagyu and American Black Angus. The marbling was so rich that the meat had a silky, buttery quality to it and the meat was so tender that you could almost cut it with your fork! Even as a non-meat eater, I could appreciate this one!

Cajun Steak Fries

Potato Au Gratin

The dessert menu is filled with tempting choices, making it difficult to choose just one. I had to go with my first instinct though, and ordered the Chocolate-Chocolate Decadence Cake! It was a rich flourless chocolate-chocolate cake served with warm fudge and chocolate ice cream. Did somebody say chocolate???

Despite my reasons for not eating meat, I can appreciate the fact that D.K. Kodama has created a wonderful dining experience, offering something that is unique to Hawaii. Plan to go early to get parking in the structure or on the street because if you valet, you'll be paying a good 12 bucks.

d.k Steak House
2552 Kalakaua Ave (Waikiki Beach Marriott Hotel)
Honolulu, HI


OkiHwn said...

The steaks sure look good!

LesliAnn said...

ash, have you gone to hiroshi? you must have. i went two times on this break, and kodama is always there to entertain the guests too. maybe we should try vino one day. i have to say, i went with my "first instinct" at hiroshi too and got the chocolate chocolate flourless cake which was paired with mandarin orange sorbet to curb the sweet chewiness and thickness of the cake.
miss ya!

(aww, fish at a steakhouse??) i know i know...youre a pescatarian :)