Friday, October 26, 2007


Around the Ala Moana area, Kapiolani Boulevard is cluttered with a sea of adult-only venues. Look closely, however, and you will find an unexpected jewel of a restaurant. Nestled between two strip clubs sits an unassuming Japan-inspired doorway. Step inside and you are taken away from the busy city, into what feels like a little mom and pop restaruant on the side streets of Japan. The aromas, modest decor, and welcoming employees all combine to create a memorable Japanese experience.

My girlfriends and I spontaneously decided to have dinner here one night as we walked toward Ala Moana after the Bridal Expo at the Convention Center. Our first impression was, "kinda sketchy;" however something inside me knew that this place was going to be special. Inside, there are only about 6 tables, the sushi bar, and a side room with tatami floors. The tiny restaurant was busy; but luckily there was one table open with the perfect amount of seats for my girlfriends and I. We were immediatly greeted and served with tea, edamame, and tsukemono.

The menu offers the traditional tempura and grilled fish selections; however I went straight for the sushi! The chirashi sushi included generous slices of ahi, salmon, mirugai (clam), shrimp, and more. As I took my first bite, the buttery salmon melted in my mouth and blended perfectly with the expertly seasoned sushi rice! Delicious!

My girlfriends all decided order the misoyaki butterfish, which was served with miso soup, rice, and salad. The person sitting next to us was enjoying their butterfish so much that they all couldn't resist it! The butterfish prepared so that the fish was still tender and the sections peeled away with ease. Each bite just melted in your mouth!

As we enjoyed our meal, we noticed that people were ordering sizzling platters of scallops topped with a mayonnaise-type sauce. I later learned that these "butteryaki scallops" are one of the restaurant's signature dishes. I will surely try that the next time I visit Akasaka!

Another thing to note is that Akasaka is open until 2am, so the late night crowd can enjoy quality sushi!

1646B Kona Street
Honolulu, HI

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Stacey said...

I appreciate your reviews and I like the variety of your restaurant choices. It would be really helpful if, in your reviews, you mention other items on the menu (even if you did not order them) and prices please!