Sunday, October 7, 2007


Growing up in Aiea, we were quite deprived of restaurants that served quality Japanese food. I've recetly been hearing a lot about Tadashi, located in the Pearl Kai Shopping Center. I knew that this place was gaining popularity, because every time I attempted to try it, they were packed! My boyfriend and I finally had a chance to try it, and I was pleasantly suprised.

Tadashi doesn't offer much when it comes to ambience, keeping it simple with a few Japanese accents. Becaues they are so busy, it almost feels like they squeezed in as many tables and they could, making it feel a bit tight. As I read through the menu, I initially thought that the prices were a bit high, considering the types of restaurants I was accustomed to in Aiea. I finally decided upon the Salmon and Ikura Donburi and when my dish came, I immediately knew why the prices were more than I had expected.

Atop the layer of sushi rice lay seven generous portions of salmon sashimi and a heaping serving of ikura. My eyes widened as I looked at what sat in front of me. As I took my first bite, I cold immediately tell that the salmon was fresh. The sushi rice was also seasoned quite well.

My boyfriend ordered the zaru soba and some nigiri sushi (salmon and hamachi). The soba was good, however, nothing special. As we sat at the sushi bar, we watched the "sushi masters" slice each piece of fish with precision. It was clear that all the seafood in the glass case was fresh and carefully selected. No bad peices were served, rather they were pushed to the side. Not only were the "sushi masters" carefully attending to their sushi, but they were also carefully attending to the customers who sat in front of them. One guy noticed that I was enjoying the shiso garnish inside my donburi and handed me a whole plate of extra shiso without me asking. He also noticed that I was taking pictures of my food, and offered to take one of my boyfriend and I.

I must say that I enjoyed my time at Tadashi. The price is definately worth it, as you are treated to great quality food and service. Its about time that the Aiea area got some quality Japanese food! :)

Pearl Kai Shopping Center
98-199 Kamehameha Hwy
Aiea, HI 96701.

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