Saturday, September 29, 2007

So Gong Dong Korean Restaurant

I've visited So Gong Dong in the past, and the memory of the "Soondubu," or tofu soup lingered with me. When my mom was craving to eat Kalbi, I suggested that we go to So Gong Dong so that I could have more of that soup!

When you enter the restaurant, you have a choice of sitting on the Yakiniku side (where you cook your own meat on the grill) or on the opposite side where the food comes already prepared. The ambience is nothing special. Walls are decorated with advertisments for Korean beer and generic landscape photographs. I found it funny to see two LCD monitors displaying an assortment of photos that included menu items, celebrity visitors, and random Hawaii tourist attractions. It kept us occupied as we waited for the food. :)

The meal starts off with the traditional Korean side dishes. This my favorite part about eating at a Korean restaurant! The Choi Sum was my favorite.

Because this restaurant is known for their tofu soup (and because I loved it so much the first time) I ordered the mushroom soondubu which included enoki mushrooms as well as white mushrooms. It was a great variation of the seafood tofu soup that I usually order in Korean restaurants. The great part about this place is that they bring you the raw egg at the table so that you can crack it in by yourself. This way the egg doesn't get over cooked.

The Kalbi and BBQ Chicken combination was pretty good compared to most Korean restaurants.

My boyfriend who is a "Meat-Jun Connoisseur" described the meat jun as "ordinary" and "not memorable." In my opinion, it was okay, but I would stick to the soondubu.

So, for some great soondubu, check out So Gong Dong!

So Gong Dong
McCully Shopping Center
1960 Kapiolani Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96826

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OkiHwn said...

Want pretty good meat jun? Go to Dong Yang in Wahiawa.